Taurus’s product may seem simple and not at all fancy but when it comes to the sound quality, Taurus is second to none. We cooperate with some of the very best car audio industries in Thailand. Over the years, we put in our hearts and souls for our product to reach it’s perfection and ready to be out in the market in the price that everyone can afford.

Now our Taurus  has over 30 retailers in Thailand, and  Taurus has won countless number of awards within Thailand and Laos  

AWARDS FROM 3K CACSPL 2016 (Robinson mall,Chachoengsao)

  • First place – SQLV brand V2 Type of car is MPV 5doors (TOYOTA FORTUNER 2006) 
  • First place – SQLV brand V.2 Type of car is Sedan 12″ (BMW 318 E46)
  • First place – SQLV brand  V.1 Type of car is Sedan 10″ (MITSUBISHI STARDA)
  • Second place – SQLV brand  V1  Type of car is PickUp car 10″ (TOYOTA VIGO)
  • Second place – SQLV brand  V1 Type of car is 4doors 10″ (TOYOTA VIGO)

AWARDS 3K CACSPL 2016 (Pataya)

  • Second Place – SQL Class 1 10″ In Sedan (MITSUBISHI STARDA) 

AWAWDS 3K CACSPL Laos-Thailand dB Contest 2017 (Savannakhet)

  • First Place – SQL V2 PickUp (ISUZU ALL NEW)
  • First Place – SQL V4 PickUp (ISUZU ALL NEW)
  • First Place – SQL V PRO PickUp (ISUZU ALL NEW)

USACI FINAL Thailand 2016

  • First place – Type Pro Sedan 15″ compete for the championship in Thailand (TOYOTA VIOS 2012)
  • First place – Type Pro PickUp car Cab 12″ compete for the championship in Thailand (MITSUBISHI STARDA)
  • First place – Type U Dance PickUp car Cab 12″ compete for the championship in Thailand (MITSUBISHI STARDA) 
  • Second place – Type U2 PickUp car Cab 10″ compete for the championship in Thailand (TOYOTA VIGO) 


  • First place – Type Pro Sedan 10″ (TOYOTA NEW VIOS)
  • First place – Type Pro Truck 15″ (NISSAN NAVARA 4 DOORS)
  • First place – Type U1 Truck Pro 10″ (TOYOTA VIGO)

(EMMA) Europen Mobile Media Association ESQL Pattaya 2017

  • First place – Type Advance Truck 2W (TOYOTA VIOS 2014)
  • Second place – Type Advance Truck 4W (TOYOTA ALTIS 2012)
  • Third place – Type Truck 4W (BMW E46)
  • First place – Type Master R (TOYOTA FORTUNER 2006)
  • First place – Type Master B (HONDA BRIO 2004)
  • First place – Type TR 4W (ISUZU D-MAX ALL NEW)
  • First place – Type TW 4W (MITSUBISHI STARDA 06)
  • First place – Type TW Unlimited (ISUZU D-MAX ALL NEW))
  • First place – Type TB 4 W (MITSUBISHI TRITON)

Taurus also has been mentioned in 2 of the most well known car megazines in Thailand which are 12votls and Sound Mobile as well